The college program

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    24 May 2023

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    4(6th to 3rd)



College is a milestone for all students.
It is around 11 years old (at the latest 12-13 years old) that the return to sixth grade takes place. The Cours Legendre programs have been designed to ensure the coordination of acquisitions between elementary school and college and to establish a link between the different disciplines.

The 6th grade class

Sixth grade is an important change for a child, because he must get used to learning new and more numerous subjects.
Two courses will be possible thanks to our educational partners and our teaching conditions:

  • a completely bilingual French-English course (in order to prepare for the IB) thanks to Hattemer Académy.
  • a French curriculum with programs that are based on those of the National Education but which make it possible to aim for excellence thanks to a personalization of teaching, an adaptation to the rhythm and level of each student.


Books to be studied in 6th grade

  • BOSCO Henri, Le renard dans l’Ile
  • CHEDID Andrée, Mondes miroirs magies
  • CHRISTIE Agatha, Le crime de l’Orient-Express
  • COLETTE, La Maison de Claudine
  • DAUDET Alphonse, Les lettres de mon moulin
  • De CERVANTES Miguel, Don Quichotte de la Manche
  • FERON José, La Bête du Gévaudan
  • GILBRETH Ernestine et Franck, Treize à la douzaine
  • LEROUX Gaston, Le mystère de la chambre jaune
  • MOLIERE, Les fourberies de Scapin
  • PAGNOL Marcel, Le temps des secrets
  • RABELAIS, Gargantua

Our main mission will be to adapt to each child,
to his background and skills

Class schedules

  • Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday 8h à 16h30
  • Wednesday 8h à 12h
  • Extracurricular 12h à 17h
  • 5 rue des Entrepreneurs
  • 68300 Saint-Louis
  • 09 86 77 07 33 / 06 73 74 13 04