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Pedagogical director

Associate professor of physics, more than 30 years of experience in National Education, including 20 in AEFE establishments. 3 missions (Germany, Serbia and Algeria). Associate of Physics - Teacher and trainer of teachers for 15 years.

Contact: direction.ei3f@gmail.com

Financial officer

After obtaining a Bachelor's degree in German and a Master's degree in International Business in 1995, I worked in various industries internationally for more than 15 years. All my experiences have been punctuated by human interactions, where it was a question of making teams progress, in order to achieve objectives. My mission in the transmission of Goethe's language is the same. Make sure to take all my students towards a perfect mastery of this language, in order to extend their field of knowledge and work on their employability, which they will need in their adult life. Contact: daf.ei3f@gmail.com