Who are we ?

A team of 15 teachers. 3 teachers for schools and for kindergartens, 3 German teachers, 3 English teachers (native speakers), with a maximum of 15 students per class.Languages are tought into groups.

Our teachers

Kindergarden Pole


Holder of a degree in education sciences. The world of young children is close to my heart. I am happy to accompany your children in their learning, in their motor and psychological development, respecting the rhythm and the needs of each in a caring environment such as the EI3F.

School teacher and Head of the Nursery Department

Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Literature as well as a Master’s degree in
Education, Teaching and Training, I am delighted today to be able to practice the profession in
which I thrive daily.
Accompanying your children in learning and seeing them grow and flourish as the school year goes
by is an opportunity.
I look forward to sharing all these moments of life with them.

school teacher

Sensitive to the development of the child, the school must be the place of benevolence, tolerance
and sharing.
During my Bachelor’s degree in Education and my Master’s in teaching, education and training, I
acquired and developped pedagogical and relational skills in order to exercice this profession with

Primary and secondary school

school teacher

Academic success and student well-being are closely correlated. This is why I will make sure that
each of my students feels well in my class and in the school.
I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Education and Sciences and a Master’s degree in Education
Sciences and a Master’s degree in Teaching, Education and Training.

My training, my skills and my experiences will be call upon my services of school teacher which
fascinates me.

Professor of Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Technology

Holder of a doctorate in organic chemistry and a certificate of pedagogical aptitude, I taught science and science didactics for 6 years in Belgium.Science has always been an integral part of our daily lives. It therefore seems important to me to explain to our children in a playful and concrete way the phenomena that surround us.It is with great pleasure that I join the Ei3F teaching team.

History and Geography

Holder of a master degree in history, I have been teaching French and History and Geography for
over 10 years.
I am passionate about history and languages.
I like to pass on my passion and get students interested in it.

Sport and earth science

Curious by nature, I like to enjoy life and bring enthusiasm and kindness around me. My name is
Guirec Cherrier and I am 40 years old.
I am lucky to have made my passions my professions:
My passion for sport and in particular for handball led me to become a professional player during my
youth and then currently in charge of development for a handball club.
My passion for science, where I obtained a university degree, led me to Ei3F where I have been the
SVT (science for earth) teacher for 2 years now.
I am happy to continue the adventure for this new school year 2022/23

Arts teacher

If I had to place myself in an era, it would be that oft the Enlightenment. The one where the unusual
and the impossible coexist with the dream and the imagery of a world that would have to be

The questionning of the universe which surrounds us pushed me, in my artistic work, to invent an
imaginary laboratory.
Transmittung knowledge, allows the child the initiation to the adventure of learning.
Thus making it understood that forms and objects are integrated into a story, allows socialization and
evolution. Gradually the child can question his own place in society and that which he occupies as an
I am passionate about art, alectronics, plants and multimedia. Holder of a higher degree in art
research, I share knowledge, which gives me joy.

English and French teacher

After spending 16 years in Southeast Asia where I taught in various educational establishments, it is
with pleasure that I join the educational and pedagogical team of the Ei3F this year.
I hope to be able to transmit my knowledge and my experience to all my students in the best
possible conditions.

Pôle Langue

German teacher

Holder of a degree in applied foreign languages in English and German, I am passionate about
languages from a very young age and I intend to transmit this passion to the students, because I think
that language skills are essential for the child development.
I intend to show that foreign cultures and the learning of languages can be engaging while opening
important doors the future.

German teacher

I literally fell in love with Goethe's language when I was 12 and that's itnaturally that I decided to become a German teacher.After obtaining a master's degree in German and two years of training at the IUFM in Grenoble, Iwent to Leipzig, where I taught French at the University of Halle/Saale for three years.By integrating the EI3F, I intend to pass on my knowledge and my experience tomy students and share with them my passion for the German language and culture.For me, learning foreign languages ​​means giving yourself the means to open up to the world,broaden their horizons, reflect on their own language and culture and enrich themselves with all the specificities of the different cultures that exist in the world, without forgetting the fact that this offersreal professional opportunities.

English teacher

Graduated from the University of Glasgow, language trainer in Perugia, Milan and Turin, I have more than 25years of experience teaching English across Europe and the Middle East.Before joining Ei3F, my professional work network included leading companiesplan, listed on the stock exchange, top managers and students to whom I taught the English language, in order toimprove their speaking and grammar skills to succeed in their presentationsand exams.I see teaching as a matter of energy, passion and patience.

English teacher

I completed my high school education and my bachelor's degree in the United States.In 2016, I started teaching English in Vietnam, after getting my TESOL certificationand I have continued ever since.I love getting to know my students and making learning English fun for them.I want my lesson to be a fun and relaxed space. My goal is to ensure that thestudents feel comfortable and confident speaking English.I love to travel and love the cultural exchange aspect of teaching English.

German teacher

After obtaining a Bachelor's degree in German and a Master's degree in International Business in 1995, I worked in various industries internationally for more than 15 years. All my experiences have been punctuated by human interactions, where it was a question of making teams progress, in order to achieve objectives. My mission in the transmission of Goethe's language is the same. Make sure to take all my students towards a perfect mastery of this language, in order to extend their field of knowledge and work on their employability, which they will need in their adult life.


Pôle Sport

Sports teacher

I come from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. Passionate about life and football, after having done my training center at Flamengo in Brazil, I arrived in Alsace by destiny.It allowed me to meet the Ei3f.I have a lot of fun with the children and seeing the children progress is my goal.I am CPE and PE teacher.I speak Portuguese, French and Spanish.